5 Must See Tutorials To Show You How To Fold Your Blankets

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How To Fold BlanketsBlankets can take up a lot of shelf space if we let them. Do you know how to fold your blankets properly to keep them in good shape as well as conserve space? Believe it or not, there are several very good ways to fold blankets that not only reduce the wear and tear on our blankets but help save precious space.  Do you know how to fold your blankets properly?

The whole point of folding blankets properly is to keep the fabric from being twisted out of shape, making your blanket all loose and floppy. This can lead to thinning of the fabric in places, ultimately leading to holes being worn through those weaker spots.  We don’t want that!

I have blankets in two linen closets (one next to each bathroom), plus I store more blankets in each of the three closets of our bedrooms.  Add to those the three I keep in the living room for TV watching and naps.  There’s a lot of blanket folding going on around here!

Featured Image:  All Folded Up And Ready To Go by Erica Cherup on Flickr, Commons 2.0

How To Fold Your Blankets

Better Homes and Gardens always has such a way with things. This was an interesting little short that shows how to fold throw blankets and have them displayed, like in your living room or den. Not bad! I lean toward the ‘flip and flop’ method myself for the throw blankets in my living room. This way they’re handy, but look gooooood too.

Tips For Folding Twin Blankets

It took me a little bit to figure out that the ‘template’ she was using was the width of the blanket shelf. Not bad, though. I like it. Just a little preparation required in knowing how wide your intended storage shelf is, or creating a template for it like she did.

Chinese Navy Method Of Folding Blankets

Hey, I can see some real possibilities for using this method to fold bedspreads and those three enormous fluffy blankets I bought in Mexico years ago. Those are huge!  I can’t promise I’d spend that much attention to detail on getting the edges and corners so perfect, but I loved the end result!  This was such a hoot. I loved it!  I’m betting you’ll get a kick out of it too.

Folding Clothes & Laundry : Folding Laundry: Blankets

Ok, this one had me giggling. Burrs? If you have a problem with burrs in your blankets from the dry cleaner, it’s time to get another dry cleaner! Otherwise this is so cute and it’s actually a good way to fold blankets that will keep them tidy. I use this method to fold some of my bedspreads and medium weight blankets. It just makes the linen closets look so much neater.

Blanket Roll Making

How To Fold Blankets
A Wee Blanket by Madelintosh on Flickr, Commons 2.0

Oddly enough, I use this method for rolling up my lighter blankets as well as my big bath towels.  How did they know that?  I learned this method of blanket folding when I worked in a nursing home as a Nurse’s Aide when I was a teenager ~ you know, back when dinosaurs still roamed the earth.

Since I’m wrapping many of my blankets at home this way, I don’t need to tape them or roll them quite as tightly. They stack neatly on the top shelf of the closets.  It really does save shelf space in my bedroom closets.

I crochet a lot of afghans so there’s 2-3 of them in every room!  Some are across chairs, but most are in the closets.  Wait, I need to go crochet another one…


How do you fold your blankets?  Do you have a preference?

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