Playful Playboy Blankets Warm You Right Up When It’s Cold

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Men and women alike love Playboy blankets.  That famous bunny with a tuxedo tie has fans of all ages, too. Are you a fan of that famous bunny logo? Wanting to decorate your bedroom in cool Playboy merchandise?  These Blankets are just what you need! 

Snuggle up with one of these scrumptious blankets on the couch to watch TV.  Keep one on your bed for comfy naps, too.

Handy Playboy throws are a great idea for the college dorm.  Keep one in the car, too.  Hey, why not even take one camping?

These are ideal gifts for men on your gift list. Think Father’s Day, birthday or Christmas.  He’ll love it!

But don’t count us girls out! Women love Playboy throw blankets too.  Especially those pink ones, right?

But there are so many colors and designs!  Purple blankets, zebra prints and more!

Playboy blankets are printed in rich, vibrant colors.  Be sure to get enough for gifts for the Playboy fans in your life.


Check Out These Playboy Blankets

Holy bunny tails Batman! Look at these unique blankets, throws and duvet covers from the Playboy site. It’s ridiculously difficult to find these blankets out there folks. I don’t know why, but geez! Lucky we found these!

There are a few more at the Playboy site, but I thought these were especially nice. Visit the Playboy site to see the rest.

January 1989 Cover BlanketJanuary 1989 Cover BlanketPlayboyFebruary 1982 Cover BlanketFebruary 1982 Cover BlanketPlayboyMarch 1968 Cover BlanketMarch 1968 Cover BlanketPlayboyApril 1971 Cover BlanketApril 1971 Cover BlanketPlayboyMay 1977 Cover BlanketMay 1977 Cover BlanketPlayboyDecember 2013 Cover BlanketDecember 2013 Cover BlanketPlayboyNovember 1967 Cover BlanketNovember 1967 Cover BlanketPlayboySeptember 1967 Cover BlanketSeptember 1967 Cover BlanketPlayboy


Playboy Bunny Classic Black and White Bedding Set 3pcs KingPlayboy Bunny Classic Black and White Bedding Set 3pcs KingStoreNVY


Playboy Throws On Amazon

Playboy throw blankets are available on Amazon for great prices.  The selection of blankets is pretty good too.  If you need gifts for men for birthdays, Christmas or other special occasions, these blankets are great gift ideas. How about sending one to your college student for his or her dorm room? Whip out your Christmas list and start matching friends and family to one of these fun blankets.

Play Boy - Bunny Fleece BlanketPlay Boy – Bunny Fleece BlanketPlay Boy - Bunny Fleece BlanketPlayboy Bunny BlanketPlayboy Bunny BlanketPlayboy Bunny Blanket


Great Deals On Playboy Blankets At eBay

Don’t pass up the chance to find some Playboy throw blankets for sale on eBay.  These blankets make such good gifts for so many people on your gift list that you’ll want to keep up with any new listings on eBay.

Run a search at eBay and save it with all the parameters that meet your preferences and you can get notified when there are new Playboy throw blankets listed.  Just look at these I did a quick search for:

Playboy Throw Blankets
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