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Holiday and seasonal decorating ideas should include holiday blankets and throws for friends and family to enjoy. Easter, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Halloween and other holidays have beautiful throw blankets available to add to our holiday decorations.

When it’s time for a change of seasons, add a few seasonal throw blankets here and there for a beautiful touch.

Holiday and seasonal blankets and throws are also wonderful gift ideas for newlyweds, college students, friends and family.

Give a gift that shows your loved ones how much you’re thinking of them.

Warm Up With Winter Throw Blankets For Everyone

Winter Throw Blankets

Winter throw blankets keep us warm and toasty when the cold Winter winds are howling outside. Is it time to replace your Winter blankets? Or maybe you need to get some extra blankets and throws for guests, your college student or your kids. Either way, shopping for Winter blankets is more convenient online because there’s …

Ugly Christmas Sweater Throw Blankets

Ugly Christmas sweater throw blankets are another funny take on the ugly Christmas sweater trend that started years ago.  What I like about this hilarious theme is that while some of the sweaters, leggings and other items can be a bit “ugly,” many aren’t.  In fact, I’ve seen some adorable items in this ugly Christmas …

Summer Throw Blankets

Summer Throw Blankets - The Blanket Store

Blankets in Summer? Sure! Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean we don’t need a couple of Summer throw blankets for a nice, comfortable rest. Just like choosing the right pillow for sleeping, just take a little care when choosing a blanket for Summer use. Think of it like Goldilocks did. You want a blanket …

Fall Throw Blankets

Fall throw blankets are just the thing for a crisp Fall afternoon or evening in front of the fire. The colors are so warm and inviting. The textures are soft and cuddly. You’ll want to have several of these beautiful Fall throw blankets around the house because everyone will want one. Grab some Fall throw …